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Sophia Mar

Senior Lawyer 


Property law 

Real estate transactions.
Property disputes,


family law 

family-related legal matters.
navigating complex negotiations, drafting detailed legal documents,
strategic advice on property settlements,
divorce proceedings, spousal maintenance
Child custody issues.

Education and Qualifications
Bachelor of Laws, University of Malaya. 

College of Law, Sydney Australia 

solicitor in Victoria Australia 

Sophia’s journey with Wentworth Lawyers & Partners began in 2015, marking the start of a tenure characterized by dedication and a deep-seated passion for commercial and business transaction law.


Sophia's commitment to advocating for her clients’ best interests has been the cornerstone of her practice. Sophia’s legal acumen is most notably reflected in her exceptional ability to distill complex facts into cogent issues, paving the way for compelling arguments grounded in relevant legal statutes.

Her expertise in family law shines through her ability to navigate the delicate intricacies of financial and property disputes with a finesse that often precludes the need for court intervention.


This approach has not only garnered high client satisfaction but also underscored her role as a mediator who champions resolution over litigation.

Sophia’s contributions extend beyond individual case work; she is a pillar of knowledge, offering her insights through legal seminars that cover a gamut of family law matters. Her sessions on property settlement, divorce, spousal maintenance, and child custody have become invaluable resources for those seeking guidance.

Fluency in English and Mandarin allows Sophia to bridge cultural divides, making her an asset to a diverse client base. Her linguistic skills, combined with her legal prowess, ensure that she can cater to a broad spectrum of clients with ease and efficiency.

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