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Corporate Immigration 


In light of ever-changing migration policies and laws in Australia, our team at Wentworth Lawyers & Partners constantly update the changes in the legal requirement for an extensive list of visas and procedures to secure an appropriate visa to work or operate businesses in Australia.

As part of providing legal services to many multinational companies carrying business in Australia, Wentworth Lawyers & Partners high quality and efficient services to our clients regarding visa issues that may arise to employ foreigners to work in Australia.

Wentworth Lawyers & Partners has extensive experience in providing strategic advice on various corporate immigration visa matters to corporate clients, their employees, and associated family members, in particular:


  • advising on the most appropriate form of visas that should be applicable for particular corporate clients in light of their type of business undertaken in Australia;

  • providing strategic advice on corporate’s employment of skilled foreigners and policies to transfer their families;

  • preparing for ancillary documentation required for the applications;

  • preparing applications for visas and satisfying inbound corporate migration requirements;

  • advising and applying for foreign investment approvals;

  • providing ancillary assistance, including health insurance, residences, taxation, and schools for the applicant’s family members.

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