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Michell Wie


Legal research


Juris Doctor, University of Sydney

Michell’s association with our firm, which began during her academic pursuits at the University of Sydney, has been marked by her exceptional legal acumen and dedication.


Her integration into our research team was a direct result of her outstanding performance and the immense legal skills she demonstrated. Michell’s ability to articulate complex legal concepts with clarity and precision is further enhanced by her excellent writing skills.

Her proficiency in legal research is matched by her adeptness in communication, particularly in Chinese. This linguistic skill enables Michell to conduct high-quality legal research and deliver comprehensive legal solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients.


Her fluency in Cantonese and English not only allows for effective communication with a broader client base but also ensures that the nuances of legal language are accurately conveyed and understood.

Michell’s role within the firm extends beyond research; her cultural and linguistic expertise allows her to serve as a bridge between different legal systems and practices.


This is particularly beneficial for clients who operate across diverse jurisdictions or require assistance in understanding the subtleties of international law.


Her contributions to the firm have been invaluable, particularly in cases that require a nuanced understanding of cross-cultural legal matters. Michell’s commitment to legal excellence and her ability to provide high-quality legal communication have made her an indispensable member of our team.

Legal research fellow

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