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Anthony Hoang 

Anthony, an individual of exceptional academic prowess and practical acumen, embarked on his journey with our esteemed firm during his distinguished College of Law.


His enrollment with us was not merely coincidental but a strategic alignment of his academic pursuits with the practical demands of the legal profession.

His intellectual rigor and meticulous research capabilities have been pivotal in supporting our senior lawyers.


Anthony’s contributions extend beyond mere assistance; they encompass a thorough analysis of legal precedents, a keen understanding of statutory requirements, and a strategic approach to case law application. This has significantly enhanced the quality of legal solutions we offer to our clients.

Moreover, Anthony’s performance has been exemplary, often paralleling and at times surpassing the benchmarks set by our seasoned legal experts. His dedication to the craft is evident in the way he approaches each case with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical strategy, ensuring that the firm’s reputation for delivering excellence remains unblemished.

Anthony’s proactive engagement with our senior lawyers, understanding of their needs, and anticipation of legal hurdles have positioned him as a trusted assistant within the firm. His ability to articulate legal concepts in a business context and provide actionable guidance has been instrumental in securing favorable outcomes for our clients.

His presence has not only enriched the firm’s intellectual environment but has also fostered a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.

As Anthony continues to excel and evolve, we are confident that his journey with us will be marked by further achievements and milestones, reflecting both his personal commitment to the legal profession and the firm’s unwavering support for his endeavors.


Legal research & legal support


Bachelor of Law and Commerce

Australian Catholic University 

Legal research fellow

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