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In 2023, Wentworth Lawyers & Partners was pleased to welcome Ali to our esteemed team.


Ali’s legal career is marked by his significant experience representing clients in the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His expertise in the legal domain is complemented by his deep understanding of the cultural and regulatory nuances of the region.

Currently, Ali has expanded his professional horizons and is based in both Australia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His role is pivotal in facilitating and advising on cross-border commercial transactions between companies operating in these two nations.


Ali’s guidance is particularly invaluable for companies in Saudi Arabia seeking to navigate the complexities of doing business with their Australian counterparts.

Ali’s contributions are not limited to transactional support; he also provides comprehensive answers to legal queries that arise during the course of business engagements with Australian companies. His ability to address these questions with clarity and insight is a testament to his extensive knowledge and experience.

Moreover, Ali’s linguistic fluency in both English and Arabic positions him as a bridge between diverse business cultures, enabling smoother communication and more effective legal assistance.

His dual presence in Australia and Saudi Arabia not only enhances our firm’s international reach but also strengthens our capability to support clients in a wide array of commercial endeavors.

Ali’s dedication to providing top-tier legal services is a valuable asset to Wentworth Lawyers & Partners and to the clients we serve

Ali Alshahrani 

Senior advisor 


Corporate & Commercial 

Education Qualifications
Mater of Law, University of New South Wales

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