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White Abstract

Dr James Jo 


Business corporation 

International sports governance  

Political Affairs in South Korea


PhD in International sport governance

Master in sport governance

Bacholar of business in sport governance

Dr. Jo’s at Wentworth Lawyers & Partners as a special consultant for advising on international sports political affairs and governance is a testament to his unparalleled expertise in the field.


His extensive background, particularly as a sport industry adviser in drafting legislation for the establishment of a national sports committee in Korea, showcases his dedication to the development and enhancement of legal structures within the sports sector.


His long-standing career includes a pivotal role as chief staff for parliamentary members who are deeply involved in the governance of international sports. This role has endowed Dr. Jo with a unique perspective on the managerial challenges faced by sports bodies at both the international and national levels.

Dr. Jo’s profound understanding of the intricacies of international sports governance is critical in maintaining the integrity and reputation of sports institutions. He is adept at navigating the delicate balance between regulatory compliance and the dynamic nature of sports, ensuring that the spirit of competition remains untainted.

In addition to his legal and advisory roles, Dr. Jo’s fluency in both English and Korean enhances his ability to communicate complex legal concepts across cultural boundaries, making him an invaluable asset in negotiations and international collaborations.

At Wentworth Lawyers & Partners, Dr. Jo’s presence strengthens the firm’s capabilities in addressing the multifaceted legal issues that arise in the realm of sports law.  His strategic insights and political foresight are instrumental in guiding sports organizations through the evolving landscape of international sports politics and governance.

Dr. Jo’s commitment to excellence in sports law and governance is not just about upholding the rules but also about championing the values that underpin the world of sports.

Special Consultant

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