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Gurpinder Kure 


Commercial and business law  
commercial litigation
immigration law 

Solicitor, Supreme Court of NSW

Gurpinder’s transition from a highly respected litigation lawyer in India to a key member of Wentworth Lawyers & Partners in 2020 has been a testament to her exceptional legal acumen.


Her tenure in India, marked by a series of successful cases, has endowed her with a wealth of experience that she has brought to the Australian legal landscape.

At Wentworth Lawyers & Partners, Gurpinder’s expertise in commercial and business law litigation is comprehensive, including a deep understanding of adjudication and court proceedings.  Her proficiency in these areas is evident in her ability to handle complex cases with strategic finesse and a thorough understanding of legal principles.


Her legal practice encompasses a variety of specializations:

  • Immigration Law: Gurpinder has demonstrated her prowess in immigration law, skillfully navigating the intricacies of the system to represent clients in appeals to tribunals and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Her success in these cases reflects her dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for her clients.

  • Contractual Remedies: With a keen eye for detail, Gurpinder excels in identifying appropriate remedies for breaches in business and commercial contracts. Her approach ensures that clients’ rights are not only protected but also vigorously pursued and enforced.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Understanding the importance of regulatory compliance, Gurpinder ensures that her clients’ business practices align with the requirements set forth by government bodies. Her guidance helps businesses maintain their reputations and operate within the bounds of the law.


Gurpinder’s role at Wentworth Lawyers & Partners goes beyond individual case work; she contributes to the firm’s collective knowledge and serves as a mentor to less experienced lawyers.


Her international perspective and ability to adapt to different legal environments make her an invaluable asset to the firm and its diverse clientele. Her presence at the firm enhances its reputation for providing top-tier legal services, and her commitment to legal excellence continues to inspire her colleagues. Gurpinder’s contributions to Wentworth Lawyers & Partners are a reflection of her unwavering dedication to the law and her clients.

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