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White Abstract

Terens Li


Commercial & Corporate

Insolvency & bankruptcy

Building & construction disputes

Education & Qualifications

Juris Doctor, Bond University. 

LLB (Bachelor of Laws), Zhejiang University, China

Since joining our firm in 2010, Terence has been a cornerstone of our legal practice, primarily serving clients within the commercial and corporate sectors. His profound expertise in insolvency law is particularly noteworthy, as he adeptly safeguards boards and their directors by defending against insolvent trading claims brought forth by creditor groups.

Terence’s legal prowess extends to supporting the Chinese community engaged in the building and construction industry in Australia. He has notably represented numerous Chinese builders conducting business in New South Wales (NSW), providing them with astute legal representation and guidance.

Recognized as an invaluable asset to our firm, Terence embodies a robust legal intellect that greatly contributes to our collective knowledge. He is instrumental in fostering a culture of sound reasoning and critical thinking among our team members, enhancing our strategic approach to complex legal challenges.

In addition to his legal acumen, Terence’s bilingual fluency in English and Chinese significantly enhances our firm’s ability to serve a diverse clientele. His language skills facilitate clear communication and foster a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs, further solidifying our firm’s reputation for excellence.

Terence’s dedication and skill set are integral to our firm’s success, and his ongoing contributions continue to uphold our commitment to providing exceptional legal services


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