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Corporate Governance 

 Scales of Justice

With increasing complexity and government intervention, mitigating risk and complying with various regulations are no longer an easy task that can be dealt by the company secretary or in-house counsel/compliance officer.

This is even more pertinent for Australian subsidiaries of multinational organisations or for foreign investors involved in takeovers or mergers of Australian entities. Indeed, failure or inefficient compliance with the corporate governance rules can have severe ramifications to an organisation’s objective and performance.

In light of the above, most businesses and corporate entities require external assistance by engaging in company secretariat services to ensure that their strategic objectives and risks are managed in an efficient and sustainable manner.

The team at Wentworth Lawyers & Partner offers clients an effective solution in dealing with regulatory compliance requirements and mitigating risks.

Our clients include leading multinational organisations establishing its local subsidiaries in Australia and we have advised them in the areas of:

  • corporate governance for both listed and unlisted companies;

  • compliance with legal obligations and implementation of risk management and procedures;

  • compliance and enforcement procedures under various Trade Practices and consumer laws;

  • compliance with Corporations Act and directors/officers’ duties. 

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