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Foreign Investments & Acquisitions

In Australia, Federal Investment Review Board (FIRB) regulates foreign investments and acquisitions in accordance with the Australian Government’s foreign investment policy and laws. The purpose of this is to encourage foreign investment whilst ensuring that the proposed investment or acquisition is within Australia’s national interest and enhances its economic development.

Certain foreign investments and acquisitions are required to be notified or lodged for approval by the Federal Investment Review Board (FIRB) prior to the transaction.

With our substantial experience in acting on behalf of major private clients and multinational organisations, we are able to advise both international and domestic clients on all aspects of the notification and approval process with FIRB.

Our clients look to us for guidance in relation to Australian business regulations and policies. Whether our clients are seeking to purchase Australian businesses, shares or property, or to establish a new business in Australia, we assist by liaising with government authorities and regulatory bodies, and advising on the relevant law and government policy.

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