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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

In light of recent dynamic and fiercely competitive markets, we know that individuals, businesses and corporations may not always be able to avoid disputes or litigation.

The team at Wentworth Lawyers & Partners focuses on providing strategic and cost-effective litigation and dispute resolution by understanding clients’ objectives and businesses. In doing so, we provide a balanced analysis of the merits of each case, commercial assessments of the best options available and likely outcomes in complex situations and implement an outcome-oriented approach to bring the most effective remedy for our clients.

To achieve the best commercial outcomes, we also provide strategic advice by implementing alternative dispute resolution processes such as, mediation, expert determination and arbitration.

Our team has an extensive expertise in the areas of:

  • general commercial disputes

  • property and leasing disputes

  • product liability

  • passing off, defamation

  • competition and consumer law disputes

  • contravention of Corporations Act

  • corporate debt recovery

  • enforcement of securities

  • insolvency & 

  • appellant litigation

  • banking & finance litigation

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