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Workplace Relations & Employment

At Wentworth Lawyers & Partners, we recognize the challenges presented to employers in managing workplace relations and employment, and that the constant evolution of employment law means that employment agreements and policies are now increasingly important for both employers and employees.

A well drafted employment agreement can withstand scrutiny, minimise disputes and align employee conduct to corporate objectives.

As each client’s business is unique and operates differently, we place great importance on getting to know our clients and their priorities, culture, values and needs.

We are committed to deliver practical solution with strategic approach that is tailored to the specific industrial and organisational needs of each client.

We provide advice on a wide range of issues including:


  • drafting and reviewing employment contracts 

  • bullying, discrimination and harassment

  • providing advice on compliance and training to clients on legislative amendments.

  • enforceability of restraint of trade clauses

  • unfair and unlawful dismissals

  • industrial relations

  • HR policies and procedure development

  • safety law, development of OH&S procedures and policies

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