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commercial trading & business contract
Intellectual property & Plant breeding

Education & Qualifications
Bachelor of Laws, Univerity of New England
Bachelor of Science, Univerity of NSW
Master of Agriculture (Plant Breeding), University of Sydney 
Mater of Professional Accounting, Southern Cross University

TBA for solicitor admission 


Alex Wong with an impressive career spanning over 30 years, has established himself as a seasoned professional within the small to medium business (SMB) landscape.


His extensive experience encompasses a broad spectrum of roles, from spearheading shipping logistics and operations to mastering the intricacies of intellectual property registration and management.

Alex’s strategic prowess in marketing has seen the successful development and execution of numerous campaigns, while his finesse in customer relationship management has fostered enduring client relations. His acumen extends to the legal domain, where he has adeptly handled contract drafting and negotiations.

His tenure in China’s trading sector has endowed him with invaluable insights into the Chinese business culture, market trends, and regulatory frameworks, enabling him to navigate the complexities of international trade with strategic foresight.

Alex’s profound understanding of the challenges and needs faced by SMBs in today’s rapidly evolving business environment has made him a pivotal asset. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the legal advice required by SMBs to effectively mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and streamline business operations. His business acumen, coupled with exceptional communicational skills, allows Alex to provide top-tier legal advice that aligns with the SMB perspective.


His areas of expertise include general business counsel, corporate structuring, commercial dispute resolution, litigation, contract formulation, intellectual property protection, employment law, and regulatory compliance.


He is also fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, Alex’s skill set is further exemplified by his capabilities in:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a wide array of contracts and agreements with suppliers, distributors, business partners, and customers.

  • Registering and maintaining a robust portfolio of intellectual property assets.

  • Offering guidance on international trade laws and regulations, including import/export controls, customs compliance, and industry-specific requirements.

  • Advising on adherence to various regulatory requirements such as consumer protection laws, product labeling standards, and quarantine regulations.

  • Managing legal risks associated with supplier contracts, agency and distribution agreements, transportation contracts, and logistics arrangements.

  • Facilitating negotiations and managing business corporations and trade transactions in the Chinese market, ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulatory requirements in China.

  • Consulting on various forms of compensation arising from breaches of contract.

Alex’s multifaceted expertise and his ability to deliver strategic legal solutions make him an invaluable resource for any SMB looking to thrive in the global marketplace.

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