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地址:Wynyard & Martin Place 站。

10 级,20 马丁广场悉尼新南威尔士州 2000

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Wentworth Lawyers &

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Wentworth Lawyers &

Wentworth Lawyers &  Partners is a well established vibrant boutique law firm practices nationally  from its base in Sydney with a distinctive approach 

We are known as a firm that delivers excellence and value across all over our expertise in the areas of  Corporate & Commercial, Insolvency & Restructuring, Corporate Governance, Employment & Workplace Relations, Foreign Investments & Acquisitions, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Financial and Banking services, Intellectual Property, Corporate Migration, and Property & Real Estate.

We place tremendous value and importance on each and every client - irrespective of multinational corporations or individuals in need. Our focus and dedication will still be the same to meet the expectations of each client.  In return for our dedication to excellence, our clients trust us for our ability to create unique solutions,  combining tailored to achieve strategic business goals and the distinctive needs of each client.

We focus on delivering high-quality service on complex legal issues (yet practical) in the most cost-effective way without unnecessary bureaucracy in contrary to undue costs regime prevalent in many top-tier firms.

With strong partnering relationships globally and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, we are also able to support clients whose businesses extend internationally and nationally.

Innovative legal and consulting services from Sydney's leading law firm 

Address:  Wynyard & Martin Place Station
Level 10, 20 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2

T:  1300 140  291 / 1300 577 502 / E:

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Wentworth Lawyers & Partners 与其他律所的不同之处在于我们致力于以开放、热情、信任、正直、价值和尊重的态度提供卓越的服务,而不仅仅是技术专长。  


Wentworth Lawyers & Partners 旨在通过了解客户的业务需求和支持目标,真正改变客户的业务,坚信与客户建立持久的工作关系。


Wentworth Lawyers & Partners 很自豪能够得到我们客户的认可,他们有信心将我们推荐给他们的同事、朋友、家人和同事。



Your business starts here, grow and  protected for success & winning

Strategic guide for your business starts, prosperous & protected

for perpetuity 

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Contact Us

We encourage you to reach out with any questions and comments.

Level 10-11, 20 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

1300 140 291 / 1300 577 520

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri



9:00 am – 5:00 pm



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In the spirit of reconciliation, We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as custodians of Australia and pay our respects to Elders, past and present. 

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