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White Abstract

Manasi Kuma

Legal research fellow


Immigration law 

Administrative Law Appeal Tribunal

Merit and Judicial Review 

Family law  


Juris Doctor, University of Sydney

Bach of Journalism, M.O.P Vaishnav College For Women, Chennai

Manasi Kumar’s academic achievements at the University of Sydney laid the groundwork for her role as a legal consultant within our team. Her expertise, particularly in the realms of Immigration and Family Law, has been instrumental in handling a diverse array of matters with precision and care.


Manasi's presence at our firm has been marked by her ability to consult effectively with our legal team, bringing about significant advancements in legal interpretation and practice.

Manasi’s insights have been invaluable in shaping the firm’s approach to complex legal issues, ensuring that our services remain at the forefront of legal developments.

Before joining us, Manasi served as a legal assistant at a community legal center, an experience that honed her skills in providing accessible legal support to those in need.


This role not only enriched her professional background but also instilled in her a profound understanding of the law’s role in society and its capacity to effect positive change.

With her excellent communication skills, Manasi is adept at delivering high-quality care and advice, ensuring that each client receives personalized and empathetic legal assistance. Her multilingual fluency in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam allows her to connect deeply with clients from various cultural backgrounds, facilitating a more inclusive legal service.

Manasi’s presence at our firm enhances our collective expertise and reinforces our commitment to diversity and excellence in legal practice. Her journey from a promising law student to a respected consultant reflects her unwavering dedication to her profession and her clients.

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