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White Abstract

Tim Williams

Special Counsel 

Commonwealth Crime 
Commercial and Business White Crimes
Alternative dispute resolution

Solicitor, Supreme Court of NSW
Bachelor of Laws, Western Sydney University

Tim’s distinguished career in government service, encompassing pivotal roles at both state and federal levels, is marked as a valued member of parliamentary staff.  His extensive experience within the corridors of power has endowed him with a nuanced understanding of the legislative process and the intricacies of public policy formulation.

Beyond his governmental duties, Tim has been instrumental in providing expert representation and advocacy for clients navigating the complexities of parliamentary engagement and executive government relations. His adeptness in steering clients through the labyrinth of public inquiries, departmental regulatory reviews, and policy submissions has been a testament to his strategic acumen and legal expertise.

As a sessional academic at Western Sydney University, Tim has enriched the minds of students with his profound knowledge of Business Law, Administrative Law, and Human Rights Law. His pedagogical approach, honed across both Bachelor's and Master’s levels, has been characterized by a commitment to fostering analytical rigor and a deep appreciation for the rule of law.

Tim’s scholarly interests lie at the intersection of international public law and humanitarian concerns, with a particular focus on emergency management, disaster response law, and the welfare of Australian nationals detained overseas. His academic pursuits reflect a dedication to global justice and the protection of human rights.

In practice, Tim’s experience spans a broad array of legal domains, including governance, where he has provided counsel on the formulation of constitutions, charters, and organizational rules. His guidance on the duties of officials, revenue and tax matters, conflict resolution, and internal misconduct issues has been invaluable to various organizations.

Moreover, Tim’s commitment to ethical practices extends to his educational initiatives on ethics and corruption, particularly targeting statutory officials and volunteer/honorary officeholders. His efforts in this area underscore his belief in the importance of integrity and accountability within public service.

In summary, Tim’s multifaceted career is a testament to his profound expertise and unwavering commitment to public service, legal education, and the pursuit of justice.

His contributions have left an indelible mark on the institutions and individuals he has served, and his legacy continues to inspire those committed to upholding the principles of law and governance.

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